sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

Un lazo en movimiento

El dia 5 de junio Linda Breevaart comento esto en su Facebook, y en UN LAZO EN MOVIMIENTO
Yesterdays meeting of the ULEM SUPPORTGROUPS, Manacor, Palma and Alcudia was full of emotions. Every week we have new persons joining our groups, we are happy to see that we canhelp an support.
We thank everybody that made yesterdays meeting possible, Direction and hotel staff Alcudia Mar, Ana and Andy from Gong and Didgeridoo Soun Meditation, Micky and Almohada de Corazon, and all you girls! Stand up against Breastcancer, join us and together we can win battle!

Damos las gracias al director del Hotel AlcudiaMar y a todo su equipo por su amabilidad y solidaridad.
Un gran trabajo chicos!!!!

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